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Our Process

Divorce Planning Process


  1. Initial 30 minute consultation (no charge). This is the time to get to know each other and speak about the current situation as it relates to the divorce.   We will discuss what everyone’s expectations are.  We will discuss what’s important to each spouse and why.  A conversation about the fees we charge and the process will also occur.  We will determine if working together is the best option for everyone involved and what the engagement entails. 
  2. Data Gathering & Discovery. This is the next step once we have agreed to work together and have signed the agreement and retainer is paid.  We will work together to complete a client intake form with your personal information and financial details.  We will review the document checklist and budget worksheet.  We will discuss the details of what documents are required and why.
  3. Data Confirmation. We will review the requested documents and answer any additional questions pertaining to the specific financial issues of the divorce.  Any missing or omitted documents will be requested again then reviewed.
  4. Analyze the Data. We will analyze all the financial data for short term, intermediate term, and long term effects of possible settlement options.  We will analyze current versus future expenses, income, assets, debts & liabilities.  Determine marital and separate property.  Analyze child support and spousal support.  We will discuss the outcomes and share this analysis with any other professionals such as attorneys, mediators, coaches/mental health workers if requested/necessary.
  5. Scenario Revision. If necessary, run additional scenarios and possible outcomes based off of meetings with spouses, legal, or other professionals involved in the case.  Make any adjustments to the analysis as needed. 
  6. Post-Divorce Services. Help with retitling asset accounts, assist in changing beneficiary designations, QDRO assistance, opening new asset accounts, etc.